WTF #006

After a long time I read again through the Zurich threads at Ronorp. Obviously people are still concerned with the same stuff as they used to be half a year ago: among the release of the iPhone, the Germans invading Zurich, and poetry, people still struggle to meet others … especially the man/woman of their dreams. And if they’ve met one, they struggle to keep the passion going on over the years. A claim that pops up all the time is that it’s a Zurich related problem: people here being especially superficial, more concerned with their bank accounts, than with their social or in particular their spiritual life.

I don’t know any other city that well, and it maybe is a problem that the living standard here is extremly high and therefore people have way to much time to concern themselves with things that may not matter, but for the same reason we have time and money to spend in education, and therefore the chance to understand what really matters. So in the end, I believe it’s not a question of the city you live in, but a question of what is important for each of us and for what reasons. And that people for once stop to so competitively compare each other, but learn to follow their own needs. In getting closer to yourself, I believe you get closer to the people around you.

I’m getting preachy here. So I just finish – almost out of context – with a plead to society. Most of the time I don’t bother, but sometimes it’s getting on my nerves beyond measure: don’t pity single women. There’s nothing to pity.

What’s up Paco?

I get why a haircut for a women is usually more expensive than for a men, but why are perfumes for men always cheaper than the ones for women?

The good thing though is that they slowly, slowly get more experimental on the male perfume side as well (I guess since being metrosexual and androgyn is considered hip). It’s worth to check out new male perfumes. Especially if you like musty, sandalwoody, ambery, and incensy smells.

My current favorite being Black XS by Paco Rabanne. The female version smells like a jump into a Mon Cherie (ghee, they even have a website for that stuff!!!) chocolate box. The male version consists of lemon, sage, tagetes (top), cinnamon, praline (middle), ebony wood, black amber (base). I guess they guy below would never wear it, but no problem: I wear the perfume and take the guy with me …


First Spring Moments

Days are getting longer. When I go running, I don’t need to wear five layers of clothing, but instead need some sun glasses. And in my chick magazines they show the spring/summer collections.
Most importantly though birds give a concert when I get up in the morning…
It’s getting spring. Inside and out. Most appreciated. Most anticipated.

Chocolate Box

One month into the year and I already came close to trashing my major new years resolution. A resolution I made for several good reasons. For once it felt sensational not to trash a rule I placed on myself just when life offers you a glimpse into the chocolate box. Had a glimpse before. Several. I want the whole chocolate box, or nothing at all.

We’ll see how long I last.