Grand Prix

Two more weeks to go to the Grand Prix of Berne. I’m definitely not prepared, but I guess I’ll make it somehow through the 16km. At least I’ll give it a try compared to some other people who said they’d come but chicken out now …


Definitely worth a visit.

You can never be sure about the weather though: this minute it’s sunny and you take off your jacket – the next it’s raining or a mean wind comes up. But all in all the weather is nice.

Also the Portuguese don’t speak much English. You’re probably better off with French or even Spanish. It gets a bit on your nerves when even at the airport you have to search for signs in English.

An amazing feature is that the whole of Lisbon is covered in cobblestone. Even the last tiny street has cobblestone and mostly it even has designs on it. It seems that the city spends much money on their tourist sight seeing places, but hardly has any left for the rest of the buildings. There are a lot of houses in a terrible state, and therefore left empty to rot.

Finally the Portuguese are horrible when it comes to multitasking. I didn’t figure out if it’s a lack of desire to finish a job in time, or just not a way the people think. No offence!

On Purple Heels

Made the big mistake to sneak into the Schuhcafé today. Of course I left the store with another bend in my credit card, and a brown paper bag containing a new pair of heels. Purple. By Gigidio (no, not the ones on the website). How could I resist?

Mental note: never – and I mean never – enter that store, when you don’t want to spend money!!!

The Real Girl

Must admit I was amazed to see Lars and the Real Girl with an almost unbearably cute Ryan Gosling. I’d have pretended about Bianca along with that whole town as well. And that even though his moustache 🙂

Half Nelson probably is a good movie, but got on my nerves. The Fracture was good, but mostly due to Anthony Hopkins. Ok. He has the funkier part in the movie. Stay was just strange. … And The Notebook … stays my let me believe in true love movies.

Go Ryan!

Two Mysteries

Since ages I’ve been wondering about two things:

In Zurich you have to pay for the plastic bags you put your trash in. I think it’s a good idea, but that doesn’t mean I intend to spend extra money on my trash. I keep noticing other peoples trash bags being half empty. I wonder what those people are thinking? The bags come in different sizes. If the bags are too big, you use a smaller size.

When going to the toilet, it happens that the toilet paper has run out and you have to change to a new role. This seems an incredible difficult task for most people. Some change the role, but leave it neatly beside the – in toilets for women often available – trash can. Who do they think puts those empty roles into the trash? Or maybe they believe the roles are carefully recycled? Hello?