Nei würkli???

Da lese ich doch gerade, dass Usher ein neues Album rausgebracht hat und da fällt mir ein, dass man sich kürzlich gewundert hat, dass ich neben einem NIN Anbeter und New-Wave-Schrägstrick-Gothic-Party Stammgastbesucher auch begeisterter Seven, Usher und ja … Justin Timberlake Hörer (und sogar Konzertbesucher) bin.

Wenn ich so darüber nachdenke, kam in letzer Zeit von einigen Leuten die Bemerkung “nei würkli???”.

Wie hat man denn auszusehen, wenn man gerne längerer Joggingtouren macht und an Volksläufen teilnimmt? Muss man immer schwarz gekleidet sein und seine Wohnung schwarz gestrichen haben, wenn man gerne härtere, dunkle, vielleicht tendenziell depressiv-aggressive Musik hört? Andersherum: wenn man sich bunt kleidet und die Wohnung aussieht, als wäre sie in einen Farbkasten gefallen, muss man dann ausschliesslich Happy-Hippo Musik hören? Darf man seine Freizeit nur mit Gamen verbringen, wenn man als Software Entwickler arbeitet? Ist frau ein Chick, wenn sie äusserst selten die Haustüre ohne Wimperntusche verlässt? Ist frau eine Emanze, wenn sie den Sinn hinter Seminaren mit dem Titel “Kommunikatin für Frauen” nicht sieht?

Tjajaja. Ich behaupte mal, dass wir Menschen selten so einseitig und auf einen Schlag durchschaubar sind. Instinkt und Erfahrung ist ja gut, aber man sollte den Menschen, die man neu kennenlernt und auch denen, die man schon ewig kennt, den Raum geben können, dass sie vielschichtig sind und auch mal etwas völlig unerwartetes tun.

From Pink to Purple

It has been seven months with an LG KE970 Shine, and in short: it’s crap. Meaning it already looks like it’s falling appart. It’s enerving when writing sms with T9, so I sort of tend to write my sms the old way. Finally it hangs up during longer calls.

But hey: the best mobile phone I ever had has a successor: the Motorola U9.
And even more hey: it comes in purple!

I couldn’t resist and ordered one. Reviews seem all in all pretty positive. I’ll see.

Pimp My Bike

In June 1999 I felt the urge to buy me a sort of serious looking bike, and ended up with a brand new Marin Sausalito (especially dear to me, because Sausalito is a district in San Francisco). Since then it carried me all throughout the city. So far I’ve been quite lucky: except the front wheel, and a couple of bumps because something crashed into my parked bike, I never got anything stolen or demolished.

This spring a dear friend of mine suggested to pimp my bike. We’re not finished yet, but I already get jumpy about my bike getting stolen. But by now it drives so smoothly that I even take the bike to go to work which I never did before …

By the way: you get bike pimping material from Bikeimport at good prices, and super fast shipping.

Status Report

Feeling a huge spirit raise these days. Mostly due to the sun, the warm weather, and – of course – the wearing of sun glasses whenever I’m outside.

At work I joined a Bike2Work competition which is running during June, but I started going to work with my bike already. Takes me half an hour. Thanks to a couple of coworkers I’m about to perfect my route throughout the city.

Today I even finished a prototype: an ArcMap Extension calling a ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Service. Documentation is crappy. The way you have to implement the stuff is even worse. When it comes to ArcObjects intuition definitely blinds you. It never works they way you’d expect it to.

Tomorrow is the Grand Prix of Berne. Weather prognosis is sensational. My condition is not, but the primary goal is to finish the run without tearing limbs or lungs apart. Next Saturday is the Sola. I’ll have to start around 8 pm. That’s going to kill me. At least the start is just up the hill from my home.

I might be going rock climbing Sunday or Monday.

On Tuesday my work roommate will be back from vacation. It has been unbearingly quiet the last week.

I’m finally doing fine again. If I could ask for one more thing it would be patience.
Patience for letting things evolve as they should.

Aletsch Glacier

Being on the Bettmeralp I got told about the Aletsch Half Marathon. Due to the snow we didn’t get a chance to see the Aletsch glacier. Would be a pretty magical happening to run along the glacier. But 21kms? Mostly upwards?

I guess I’ll see how the Grand Prix next Saturday goes and the Sola the Saturday afterwards…

Tri Pinkt

Opened my outdoor climbing season. We slept on the Bettmeralp. Surrounded by snow. Each day we went downhill with the cableway to find ourselfs in deepest summer and sweating our butts off… Quite a weird feeling. But it was awesome. I can’t say for sure, but I think I made some progress. If not in rock climbing the for sure in understanding the dialect of the Valaisians. By the way: they make a hell of sourdough bread. It’s heavy, but delicious.