Summertime. It’s hot (or at least sometimes it’s warm…). People switch their footwear from full cover to light cover like flip flops, sandals, and the like. Honestly sometimes I’d wish they wouldn’t. It’s one thing if you have ugly feet, but quite another if you don’t care at all for your feet. Horny skin. Overlong toe nails. One year old nail polish. It’s disgusting.
Please have mercy with your feet.
And me. 


It’s Euro 2008 and everyone becomes nationalistic. For those who already waved their national team good bye, choices are completely open. Since I’m following the European Championships and World Cups I’ve been a tifosi, and I always – just always – need to defend myself for my choice of team. If I’d fan for Germany nobody would ask any questions (as I’m technically German). So I claim my right that I don’t need any reasons.

But finally I’d say these would be reasons enough…