Yesterday a close friend of mine told me that I tend to emphasize that I’m unlike people expect me to be. I remember a time during my studies where I felt like avoiding any stereotype just to finally find myself in a stereotype I definitely didn’t want to be affiliated with. I learned that the magic lies in the mixture not in the avoidance of any stereotype.

Over the last few weeks I started to play verbal ping-pong with two colleagues at work. Quick-witted, energetic, observant, and a bit eccentric people. Men. Of course. Our last discourse ended in a statement that I’m always implying sexual stereotypes with a final conclusion that I’m either having problems with men or women. The statement hit me even though it was a classical attack, and even though I’m definitely not the only one in our game playing sexual stereotype inclinations.

Surely I’m still a bit obsessive with stereotypes. I tend to see them everywhere, and wish we wouldn’t follow them like ducklings follow their mother duck, but usually a stereotype exists for some reason. I’m still working on why I have that urging desire to be different than people expect me to be, and I definitely still am working on that “mixture”.

I’m having a conclusion to this post hanging at the tip of my tongue for an hour now. I’ll work on formulating it…