iPod History

Surfed the Griffin website to check out their iPhone accessories and was presented with a nice pic showing all iPod models so far. Looking closer I tried to remember all the models I have had… and got some kind of a headache.

Of the 13 iPod models, I have had 7.
I bought my first iPod in 2002, and so far that was the one that I had the longest, and lasted the longest (and by far the most expensive). I even sold it after I used it for two years. The next one broke after 1 1/2 years, which forced me to buy the first Nano (not enough money). When I got some money, I sold the Nano to buy the 30GB video iPod, which broke 1/2 year later (the headphone jack only worked for my right ear). No enough money left, I got myself another Nano of the colorful range. And a the beginning of this year Santa gave me an iPod Touch, which I’m selling now again, since I got my iPhone.
ipod_history.jpgSounds quite crazy, right?

Looking at my cell phone history, I’m on my 7. as well starting in 2001.

On average that means one cell phone and one iPod per year…
What will happen when the iPod and the cell phone are combined?

Moblogging and desktopping

Inspired by the wave of tools hitting the App Store, I got the idea, that I might want to moblog. Meaning I’d like to have a sweet new tool to easier access this Movable Type installation on my iPhone than by the web browser interface.

So I visited the website and found lots of new interesting features…
First you can turn any website into a desktop application (on a Mac of course) with the help of an open source application called Fluid. In the case of my Movable Type Dash Board or Facebook I find that very helpful.
For iPhone and iPod Touch users there is a iMT plugin which makes blogging over the iPhone and iPod Touch very pleasant. To install you have to copy two folders into your Movable Type installation, and you’re ready to go. One further enhancement is to set a bookmark on your iPhone desktop and … tada! … you sort of have a blogging application on your iPhone/iPod Touch. That was simple!
If you like the iPhone-Movable Type GUI you can choose in your Fluid-Movable Type Installation that it uses this GUI by setting the User Agent (Menu Bar) to Mobile Safari in the Application Menu. Finally you can choose to make it a Menu Extra. Installation instruction.

The force is always with me

Last Thursday after work I wandered to my <ironic>favorite</ironic> Orange shop to set my name on the proclaimed endless waiting list for the new iPhone 3G. My spirits rose as I saw three people leave the shop with a white cute iPhone labeled box and an eager-to-get-home-to-try-it-out look on their fresh owners faces.

As I mentioned about 200 times before on this blog: my biggest weakness is patience. So I tried to focus on the people in the store to shorten the time until it was my turn. Actually I believe you could do an interesting social study in a mobile phone store. People get quite sensitive when it comes to their mobile phones. Some elderly lady insisted that she wanted the same age old Motorola. As she was told, that they don’t make that model anymore, she wanted one that doesn’t cost more than 21.-

Finally I was called and told my very nice Orange person that I wanted a 16gb in white. She went into a secret corner and came forward with another of those magic little iPhone labeled boxes. I guess I had a grin from ear to ear on my face. Unfortunately she wanted my c permit. So I had to do a round trip back home and back into the store. Well. Other people are on that waiting list and are still waiting.

So here we are. It’s a fascinating little gadget. I’m not really used to having the internet in my pocket at all times yet, but I’m confident I’ll adapt quickly. As I listen to lots of music during the day I’ll probably have to get used to charging more often … or run out of battery power in the evenings. Meaning no more internet or anything else in my pocket.

By the way: 3G neither means third generation nor 3g processor. It means it can communication over 3G networks which are supposed to be massively faster than EDGE.

For Star Wars fans: try PhoneSaber.

Fooking edjiets

Just came back from a 4 day trip to Dublin. As always coming back first feels like I’ve been away for weeks, and after a couple of hours at home, cleaning the bathroom, chatting on Facebook, and having a long hot bath, I’m back home like I’ve never really been away.

Dublin’s cute. Literally. Most of the sight seeing places are within walking distance. And by walking distance I mean even for a 50 year old American overweight lady. Even when I thought I just take a couple of streets just by hazard I ended up in a place I’ve been before.

If you don’t want to wait in line to see the book of Kells or to wait 45mins for the next tour on the Castle of Dublin… Well, you might want to try shopping, but the stuff is at least the same price as in Zurich. If not sometimes a bit more expensive. So where is the fun in shopping then? In such cases my first choice is to head into the next book store. Probably the major reason why I came home with almost nothing but 10 new books.

The people are very friendly, and with the help of the Marks & Spencer food hall you might even eat at least once a day something organic (they even have organic dog food).

Don’t try to get something edible at the airport. And don’t forget to take an umbrella with you at all times. They have monsoon like 10 min rain showers.

My voice doesn’t echo off these walls

What 24 hours!

Once in a while I get these crises, where I get the feeling no matter how old I get, I keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Such a crisis hit me yesterday, and even with the help of meditation I wasn’t able to get a serious handful of sleep. So this morning I wake up with the feeling of having been hit by a bus. The weather also reminded me of autumn and a lurking feeling started to crawl up my intestines: is summer already over?

Sitting on the bus I get informed that there’s a huge construction site, and the bus won’t continue until the final station. Oh Boy! You use that bus once for weeks, and you’re having trouble. As it turns out I had to wander almost all throughout Seefeld to catch a good ol’ cable car. At least I got a nice strong Latte Macchiato on the way.

In the office I’m reminded that I’m supposed to finish a tricky piece of code by tomorrow. Of course it continues to be tricky. Even the simplest things turn out to be a pain in the a**. By lunch I feel like I want to hit something (I asked for a sandbag several times).

Later I get an email from Orange, that I’m not entitled to a new phone and so they recommend me to wait for the end of my contract to get an iPhone. The end of my contract is in November 09. Of course they don’t mention the price of the iPhone without a contract. Let me guess… 500.-???

So all afternoon I continue to struggle with my code, and finally put all my might together to inform my project manager that I don’t think I’ll be finished by tomorrow. We decide to postpone him yelling at me to some other time, but instead talk about our private crises, and end up metaphorically clapping each others back: better be complicated, emotional, and critical than have no principles at all. Haha!

By now the sun came out again, and my weekly painting lesson with my teacher I lovingly call Bon Jovi calmed me down. I even managed to draw a sort of reasonable sketch of a hand.

Looking back the day wasn’t bad at all. In fact if I turn my perspective a little bit I actually should congratulate me to some success. I do learn. There is progress. Maybe not exactly in the direction I want to, but I’m getting there.

As for the supporters of today: thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And the musical background: NIN and Echoplex …
My voice just echoes off these walls …

Status Report

Well, well, well.
Just had a close encounter with wet concrete. Because my bike fell for some wet cable car tracks. Ripped my favorite pants, and my legs and arms got a couple more bumps and bruises. Not that I don’t already have some from the weekly climbing session. By now I look like I really get beat up at home. Probably by the six spiders I share my apartment with.

Never mind. Probably it suits my youngish attire. People continue to guess me between 24 and 27 (one exception who actually guessed me 31, but I believe he had a little help from Facebook). It’s definitely not because my eye cream is such a blast… Either I should recollect the seriousness I had during my teenage years, or – at least as a start – shop in the H&M ladies instead of the girlie section… But who the f*** cares anyway?

What’s up otherwise?

EM’s finished. Always feels a bit strange a couple of days afterwards, but in my opinion the right team won. I openly admit this, even though I wasn’t for the Spanish from the beginning (for some people the biggest disgrace is to switch teams during the championship …).

Jobwise it’s busy as hell. I’m supposed to do five things at a time, and of course everything is important. I like being busy, but if you never get the feeling you lessen your todo list it’s simply frustrating. Besides: 30 degrees outside, wearing hot pants, a tank top, and sun screen make the desire to stop working at 4 pm almost unbearable.

As for my private life: with a little luck I might reconnect with a dear friend after a month of complete silence. Looking forward to whatever comes up there. Furthermore I wonder if my stomach feeling about people betrays me or not. I’m starting to think that I might force myself to aloofness. We’ll see… As the jedi say: patience padawan, patience! Let the path unfold itself.

One thing’s for sure: my mood is – per se – at it’s best at the current climate. I wonder if I need to move somewhere warmer…

And the picture of last week:

luigi-fernando.jpgGian Luigi Buffon, goal keeper of the Italian national team; Fernando Torres, striker of the Spanish national team.