The force is always with me

Last Thursday after work I wandered to my <ironic>favorite</ironic> Orange shop to set my name on the proclaimed endless waiting list for the new iPhone 3G. My spirits rose as I saw three people leave the shop with a white cute iPhone labeled box and an eager-to-get-home-to-try-it-out look on their fresh owners faces.

As I mentioned about 200 times before on this blog: my biggest weakness is patience. So I tried to focus on the people in the store to shorten the time until it was my turn. Actually I believe you could do an interesting social study in a mobile phone store. People get quite sensitive when it comes to their mobile phones. Some elderly lady insisted that she wanted the same age old Motorola. As she was told, that they don’t make that model anymore, she wanted one that doesn’t cost more than 21.-

Finally I was called and told my very nice Orange person that I wanted a 16gb in white. She went into a secret corner and came forward with another of those magic little iPhone labeled boxes. I guess I had a grin from ear to ear on my face. Unfortunately she wanted my c permit. So I had to do a round trip back home and back into the store. Well. Other people are on that waiting list and are still waiting.

So here we are. It’s a fascinating little gadget. I’m not really used to having the internet in my pocket at all times yet, but I’m confident I’ll adapt quickly. As I listen to lots of music during the day I’ll probably have to get used to charging more often … or run out of battery power in the evenings. Meaning no more internet or anything else in my pocket.

By the way: 3G neither means third generation nor 3g processor. It means it can communication over 3G networks which are supposed to be massively faster than EDGE.

For Star Wars fans: try PhoneSaber.