Pokes and Gnomes

For anyone who ever wondered what a poke on Facebook does:

What is a poke?

A little gnome armed with a stick pops out of your CD drive and runs all the way to your target and pokes them in the eye. This is why it takes longer for people on other continents to recieve your poke. You cannot use the poke function again until your gnome has returned to your computer. If your poking gnome gets lost or eaten email the facebook team for a new one.

Board experience

About 10 years ago I tried snowboarding for about 4 days. Couldn’t really get the hype, and compared to skiing I thought it quite a pain in the a**. Then again skiing wasn’t my thing either. So I stopped. Any kind of board underneath my feet felt wrong. Or actually – if I remember correctly – back then I thought I was in the wrong place (i.e. the earth) altogether…

So 10 years later I get an easy opportunity to try wakesurfing (thnx to On The Water Love), and I’m magically hooked. Even though I have almost no board experience like people who snowboard, wakeboard, kitesurf, I’m progressing with each session.  So far I’ve had three. Not ready to really let go of the handle… meaning still searching for a lasting balance at the sweet spot of the wave… but somehow getting there. I hope.

Like last year with the rock climbing finding a new sport in autumn which requires a somewhat warm climate sucks. But wait. There is October. In Australia. One month. Diving, trekking, sight seeing, and why not try the “real” surfing???

Gross oder Klein?

Gestern hatte ich mal wieder einen dieser neckischen Momente im Leben.

Ich stehe vor dem Bankomat und will 200.- abheben und dann kommt die wichtige Frage, ob ich kleine oder grosse Noten wolle.

Mhm… also eine 200er Note ist in der Regel eher unbeliebt. Im Speziellen wenn du damit an einer Bar rumfuchtelst. … Oder sagen wir mal: in den Bars, in denen ich verkehre, finden sie das nie prickelnd.

Aber die zwei Fünfziger und die fünf Zwanziger, die bei kleine Noten rauskommen können, sind auch mühsam. Mein … ähem … Hello Kitty … Bargeldhalter muss sich da recht krampfhaft drumwickeln, damit das alles zusammenbleibt.

Ich will zwei Hunderter!

Mhm… Grosse Noten … Kleine Noten … Grosse Noten … Kleine Noten …

Ok. Dann wählen wir mal kleine Noten.

Dreimal darfst Du raten, was der Automat ausgespuckt hat.

Every day doesn’t have to be the same

Currently I’m discovering a nice way of changing my every day blast. No, not by quiting my job, not by moving, and not by starting a relationship for all the wrong reasons.

It’s actually quite simple:

  1. learn two new hobbies at once
  2. get an iPhone (haha!!!)
  3. try to do something against my inner urgings
  4. met people I haven’t seen in ages and/or surround myself with new people

Starting a new hobby usually not only forces me to learn a new physical ability, widens my knowledge, and therefore broadens my horizon, but most likely I’ll also get to know some new people. As an outsider I see the communality of that group, and I always find it quite amusing to understand what I have in common with that group of people.

Which brings me to the people point: I believe that a major part of how we behave and react depends on the people surrounding us. I’m not saying that we are completely different with strangers … like on holidays, but let’s just look at the language, behavior, roles. All depends if you’re with your mom, your boss, your friends, or the ex boyfriend. Meeting people from my past makes me realize how my behavior pattern has changed. Meeting completely new people starts new patterns.

And the inner urgings part. Oh well. That’s another loooooong, loooooong story for another post. Still working on it.


Since a couple of months I’m a Facebook member. In my opinion that website is a phenomenon.

Of course there are tons of other community websites, and Facebook certainly doesn’t offer more than any of those, but almost everyone is on it. Not only the geeks, not only the business people, not only the exhibitionists, … even the shy ones, and also the ones not really into the internet (however those people survive) … and it’s internationally known. They only sustaining group are those with a deep disgust of Web 2.0 (= translated from NZZ: Drug, alternative to religion, or technology of the future?)

Besides all the crap you can do on the website, the couple of main features are probably posting pictures, setting a mood status, chatting, and setting your relationship status.

If you want your friends to quickly get in touch with you, just change your relationship status, and within the hour you get a least one phone call.

Posting pictures is also quite a quick way to communicate: upload a couple of pictures of whatever and within a day you informed quite a bunch of the people you know, while without Facebook only a few selected ones would have known.

The question remains: what exactly is the benefit?

You get in touch with people you lost contact to, and you would like to meet again. But out of a 100 people that’s probably only true for one or two (das reimt sich und das mein ich so!!!)

You stay in touch with people you hardly ever see. Well, if you don’t see them often, do you really want to stay in touch?

You can connect to people you just met, and find out a whole lot of stuff about them. That’s actually my favorite part. Depends on the revealing vibe of the person, but it’s always a blast.

Fact is, it’s addictive, and most of the time better than the celebrity headlines.

It’s your own celebrity mashup.

Wanted Ange



Orange gave me some tickets for the … uhm … Cinema at the Lake.

Wanted with Angelina. Wasn’t expecting much. Another how to kill 2000 people in five minutes movie. Actually that’s exactly what it is, but in a still surprising way, and with a couple of bondish (meaning totally impossible) stunts.

As for Ange. I wonder why she keeps doing the same Tomb Raider style movies, but if I’m honest … if I could choose between playing Fox in Wanted and Emma in Jane Austen’s Emma, I would do Fox 3000 times over.

PS: If you want to watch the movie, don’t see the trailer. It’s the whole movie in 3 mins. Why do they keep making those trailers where you a) already get the whole story, and b) see some of the best stunts already?

One month anniversary

It’s been a month with my iPhone and I’m already in a state where I wouldn’t want to be without it.

What makes the iPhone such a life saver?

I guess the fact that you always have the information or entertainment you need ready in your pocket. Full stop.

Of course a HTC, Blackberry, or any other smart phone fullfills the same duty. But I’m a mac chick, and a historical iPod fan. So the choice was obvious. Actually without the release of the iPhone 3G I’d still be a “normal” mobile phone user.

Frequently used apps so far are Facebook, WordPress, Zenbe and GottaGo (only for the Swiss).

I can recommend the Invisible Shield as a screen proctector. It makes the screen a bit rubbery which makes it easier to handle. The shield for the back sucks. For fun the gela skins offer a nice variety, and for real, not too bulky, colorful, and wavy protection, Griffin Wave rocks. For Swiss people available at Amazon.de.

What I miss is a learning feature for the dictionary. A Swiss German dictionary would also be a blast (but that’s of course impossible). And an Apple supported sms backup feature. I know there is Syphone. And finally my own sms tone.

I wonder a bit what my mobile phone bill would look like, as I don’t use the iPhone as a phone, but definitely as a mobile mac. We’ll see.


A new age in blogging has begun: I finally switched from Movable Type to WordPress.

Reason? The major one being that I wanted to have a gallery and adding a gallery to Movable Type is – like almost any plugin – a pain in the a**.

But why WordPress? By accident I noticed that my hoster, Webland, supports WordPress and even supplies a one click installation. So why make it complicated when it’s that easy?

So far I’m amazed how easy designing and managing your weblog can be. Automatic software updates, broken link checker, themes… Installation is actually just moving the downloaded folders into one single designated folder in your wordpress installation and it’s done. As for importing the Movable Type data… That was easy as well. I lost my tags though. Nothing to cry about, and of course the picture links had to be fixed by hand. Only problem I haven’t solved yet are inter weblog links. I’ll get to that.

WordPress even has an iPhone app for moblogging. Nothing to fancy (yet?), but does the job.

Finally WordPress’ slogan is Code is poetry. Ha! As a software … artist … I need to support that 🙂