Cleaning out the old tunes

Just went through my whole iTunes library and got rid of 3.5 gb of songs. Pretty radical for me, but the two guidelines where:

1.) If you haven’t listened to it in years then trash it!

2.) If you’ve listened to it too much and can’t stand it anymore then trash it!

Of course that means I just deleted stuff that remind me of special times in my life (whatever that means: my whole life is special :)), but hey … if I ever what to get the stuff back … there’s the internet to give it back to me.

Feeling quite a bit lighter now.

Best Served Cold

Reading through the last 200 pages of Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final part of the Twilight series, I find that the quality lost with each book. I still can’t put it down. I just have to know the end, but the story is getting weird and the dramas seem quite overdramatized.

Felt like having a look at one of my current favorite writers. Or actually my writer of the year: Joe Abercrombie. And there is light at the end of the tunnel: he’s working on a new book due June 2009 in the U.K. Best Served Cold. Artwork is ready as well.


Ultimate 81

Went into a sneaker store in Singapore the other day and saw some super sexy golden Onitsukas (Mexico Baja 66). I decided not to buy them because I didn’t have enough space left in my luggage and because we have an exclusive Onitsuka Tiger store in Zurich. So I head in there today just to figure out they don’t have that pair. Oh crap! But I found an even better one 🙂

Infected as well

It took me one week and two days to get through 3 of the current 4 parts of Stephenie Meyers Twilight series. Every book between 400 and 600 pages. Ok, I was on vacation, but still I’d say it says enough about how much I liked them.

Looking very much forward to the last book Breaking Dawn, and theres also a movie coming up a day after my birhtday. The trailer doesn’t do the book justice though.