Xena actually is a Lesbian?

Haha! That’s hilarious!

Just watched the beginning of the first episode of the new L Word season. First woman appearing is Lucy Lawless aka Xena. Having seen all Xena (and – and I’m not ashamed of it – all Hercules) seasons the Xena character had a very close friendship to her sidekick Gabrielle which was sometimes implied to be more than a friendship, but never actually turned into a relationship. Gave the whole series a rather spicy twist. From my point of view also due to the testosterone laden appearance of Ares.

Unfortunately googeling Lucy’s part in the L Word it’s only a guest role. I would have liked to see her as one of the ladies.

A new world

Since beginning of the year, I’ve been meaning to post about my latest obsession. But whenever I get close to my brandnew shiny 24” iMac I rather dive into my obsession than write about it. So there is the main clue: you need a computer to do it. And it makes you obsessive. What could that be??? Yeah, right. Gaming.

In my line of profession gaming usually comes with the territory. I had a gaming phase back in my later childhood. Probably one of the reasons I ended up studying computer science, but that’s another story. Since I switched to macs I somehow concluded that gaming was history anyway. And it’s so common among computer people and … I must admit it … since I also tend to smile compassionate when a programmer tells me about his gaming successes.

But I could never deny that there was a certain curiousity why people can be so obsessed about a game. Tried Eve a couple of years back. An online sci-fi game where you’re the commander of a ship, you can build your fleet, conquest planets, start trading. After a month I was bored beyond measure.

So now I got introduced to one of the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (and as always there is also an abbreviation: MMORPG): World of Warcraft, which … surprise, surprise … runs without problems on an mac. Smartly enough you can download a 10 day trial, which is way enough time to get hooked.

As a complete newbie to fantasy role playing, I entered this world after having made quite critical decisions as to what race I am and what main profession I follow. And then you wander around somewhat disoriented. Without help I would have stopped playing within the first week. So the magic lies in playing together with others, which first of all increases your learning curve, quests are much easier, and finally it’s even a social event.

Now I’m almost three weeks into the game at a not always earned almost level 30 (thanks to much higher ranked characters who can drag you through dungeons giving you experience that you don’t really deserve) of a current maximum of 80. I’m still disoriented, and my fighting skill are miserable, but there’s some sort of progress.

Finally I have to admit that it raises my spirits to wander around in the sunny Thunder Bluff, to see a sunset from some sort of hill top, or to dive through a magical reef. Nothing compared to the same experience in real life, but during a depressive January a light in the dark tunnel.

Does my social life suffer? So far no, but probably my sport activities, but that’s always critical in January. And my sleep deprivation is gaining.


These last couple of days I was thinking about what was going on in 2008, and so I’m trying to put the year in a post like I did last year.

Water was definitely an important element. I learned to wake surf and dive. Made me remember how much I love water. With the diving I opened up a whole new world. My habit to run into every aquarium while traveling became a bit lame. It’s much more intoxicating to be in the water itself and see the underwater world right in front of your eyes. Rock climbing is still a topic, but more inside than out, but at least on an almost regular basis. The problem is progress. I’m way to frightened to become good.

Except the Grand Prix of Berne, I didn’t do any running contests. Oh well. Maybe I’ll give the Greifenseelauf another chance next year. But I biked mostly throughout the Summer. Made me feel fit like a running shoe 🙂

Of course a notable highlight was the month of traveling in Australia. Not my country, but I simply love to travel. Learned again a few things about myself which calmed me down.

Workwise I got better at programming, but as much as I like doing it I know that it’s not the perfect job for me. It also seems that the obvious directions I could go from being a programmer, don’t really fascinate me. I think I need to find something else. I just don’t have a clue what. Makes me uneasy, but so far there’s nothing to worry about. I still believe I have to be patient, and something will unfold or I won’t be able to bear it any longer and just start something.

Socially I met quite a few really cool people this year. A bit enerving that you always need to clear the frontiers first before you can become friends (yeah, I mean with the guys).

Finally on the emotional level a lot more balanced than the year before. My 2008 resolutions were definitely a good idea, and I decided to keep on following them in 2009.

Which brings me to my 2009 resolutions… Mainly I’ll try to keep following a saying a dear friend once told me: “The trick is to keep breathing!”. Taking life as it is, enjoying what I have, focusing on what I really want, and … just live. And travel. Don’t know yet, but maybe south america?