Spring is coming

Muscically this winter has been quite boring for me. No new discoveries, and no new records of bands I already know and love. Well, and after an eternity of Kings of Leon I turned back to personal classics like Linkin Park, A Perfect Circle, Depeche Mode, andmanymanymore…

But there’s not only going to be Spring soon. There is also going to be new music:

Seven‘s new record Like A Rocket is due … tomorrow! Yay!


And then there is another shift in my personal music mekka:

Depeche Mode‘s release of their new single Wrong from the new record Stars of the Universe. Release date is 17. April. Way to go, but usually very worth it…


What is art?

Due to my weekly painting lesson, I come into contact with art more often than I used to. My painting teacher tries to inflict us a little with whats going on in the art scene.

Found Ulrich Lamsfuss in on of his books. Googled him and came upon one of his works on the artfacts.net website.

I’m certainly have no clue what compromises as art and what doesn’t. For my taste it’s pretty simple: if a piece of art manages to catch my attention and raises some sort of emotional reaction, then I think it’s good.

This painting makes me speechless.