My Task of 2009

Unbelievable but true: my 2009 has mainly been about work.

I got the somewhat ungraceful job to redesign, manage, implement, introduce, and support my companies main application. Last monday it went online. It didn’t crash within the first day, but there were a couple of major bugs, which we all fixed up until today. There are several medium, and of course quite a few tiny things to fix or enhance, but for now we should be able to run the thing until the end of month where the next tricky situation will arise.

However. Professionally I probably learnt more during this year than the three years before. Mainly because I had to do so many different jobs, and was very well supported by my so called mentor.

For my mental sake there are a couple of rules to follow in my future career:

  • have more than 2 weeks of holidays a year
  • if in any way possible leave the country for a couple of days at least once a year
  • don’t cancel your holidays because of the project
  • try not to stop doing sports because of work