Celeb Gadgets

According to the press all the celebs seem to have one. Now I have one too. Does that make me a celeb???

I’m talking about a Flip Mino HD (currently available at Digitec). It’s a digital video camera the size of a mobile phone. It’s extremly simple to use. All you need is once in a while a mac or pc to plug it in with the usb connector to charge it and maybe download the movies. It comes with a software FlipShare for both mac and pc, that allows you to transfer, email, upload the movies to the usual sites.

Reading a couple of reviews people were amazed by the quality of the videos. I only had it for one day, but so far I’m not sensationally blasted away. My Lumix LX 3 can do far more better movies. Then again: the camera is a bit more expensive and sophisticated :).

Err… Correction: the Lumix LX3 does worse movies. The Flip Mino actually does nice movies.

What made me buy it? I don’t feel like carrying around my camera all the time or even take it for instance to a concert. The Flip Mino HD comes in handy here. I’ll see how it goes.