Holiday reads

Two new must reads:

Both are the beginning of a series. The sequels are on their way.

Painted Man is about three characters, and the threat of so called demons.

Name of the Wind is mainly about the life of one character Kvothe. Sort of a biography.

I liked Name of the Wind a tiny bit better because the story seems more multilayered and detailed. You get to know the characters a bit better, which makes it more comfortable to live in their world.

But nonetheless: both a must read.


Half a year ago I was considering to buy a Kindle. Since there were rumours about Apple developing an ebook reader I waited. So now the iPad is coming in a couple of days (or so they say), I wonder if I should get one.

Actually I didn’t have any great ideas what I wanted in an iPad. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t come up with a classical netbook, because that would have simply been lame. I also was pretty sure that it would not simply just be an ebook reader with a browser included. That’s just to one-purpose-related for any Apple product. I mean the iPhone is anything but a device just to make phone calls.

What exactly is it now?

In a way a bigger iPhone that doesn’t make phone calls with an ebook reader. Sounds rather “okay, … and why would I want that?”-ish.

Honestly I’m not sure. I have a book with me every day. Given that I read my books on the iPad, I’d have to carry it with me every day. Most likely there would be no other reason to carry it along, because most things it offers I can do on my iPhone as well. So why carry it with me (the Wifi/3G version is 0.73kg)?

I maybe wrong, but I believe – as with quite a few apps on the iPhone – the need to use it, come with having it with me, and with developers at Apple and around the world having an idea what it can be used for.

For example: iWork is redesigned for the iPad. That means you can work on presentations, documents, spreadsheets on a touchscreen (!) device. I also hope that I’d read the newspaper more frequently, and I blog more often. Both things I can do on the iPhone, but it’s a bit cumbersome (for one the speed of the 3G version, and then the mini keypad for writing long blog posts).

So unless the pricing for Switzerland is out of the roof, I’ll most likely get one. With a Protection Plan. You never know 🙂

Protection Plan

Technically my iPhone will be two years old in July. Technically because I choose a white one which developed the all to well known cracks. At the end of the first year warranty they gave me a new refurbished iPhone due to the cracks. I was then asked if I wanted to extend my Protection Plan. Tough call, but the point is that I would be really pissed when something happened to my iPhone that would have been covered by the Protection Plan and I didn’t do it. So I bought the Protection Plan (109 Sfr.).

So two days ago, I went again with new cracks in the refurbished iPhone, and got another refurbished one. I hope this one will do better. First of all it needs to hold until a new one is released and the I would really like to give it to my boyfriend.

One slight note: I kept my first iPhone in a case and the second one not. Both developed the cracks. So the case doesn’t help with that problem. Though it helps with making the iPhone look overall more “preserved”.

U want massaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasch?

Three weeks of Thailand later…

It was definitely warm. Or rather hot. And sunny.

A bit unexpected was the amount of dirt in combination with the obvious no-bother-mentality of the Thai people about living in it. So while you’re in the Tourist areas its mostly clean. As soon as you get out of it and enter their territory it gets dirty.

What also surprised me was how badly they speak English. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to, but since you’re working in tourism, and for example the Bangkok Post and quite a few TV channels are in English, I expect that you maybe speak more than the three sentences you need to know for your work. That also makes it impossible to get in contact with the people, and get some answers for the 2000 questions that come in mind while traveling that mysterious country.

Finally most Thai people we met seemed to be extremly unhappy. Due to the lack of communication possibilities I don’t know if it’s a culture thing, straining work, dislike for the fat tourists, economical situation, or whatever. If somebody knows, please tell me.