Kate On

Currently I stumble across this new commercial for the Kate Moss Longchamps Collection. The website doesn’t say much, but apparently the iconic silent model-muse – gives voice to her own creativity. Sounds great.

But what is this picture supposed to tell me? When you wear this bag, you get attacked on the street… you’re shirt ripped off, and your hair tussled. So when you can finally rescue yourself into your limousine with – luckily – the bag in question, you look like this?

Or holding the bag makes you meowy so you take off your shirt and put it in the bag?

Or you don’t need to wear a shirt or comb your hair when you’ve got that bag?

Or when you’ve got that bag you’re rich enough to pull a quickie in a car in broad daylight and afterwards you daydream about the quickie and snuggle with the bag while your lover is already back to wherever he’s working?

Or the same without the lover. Just a private moment with yourself…

Or what?

Entirely bonkers

Just came back from Alice in Wonderland 3D. Lot of media fuss about the movie, but Johnny Depp and Tim Burton… Either I love it or I hate it (like Sweeny Todd).

This one I love. I don’t particularly like the story. Never read the book (and still don’t intend too), and there are quite a few things I probably didn’t get/understand, but still: it’s a magnificent world with pretty multifaceted creatures. Which is just a fancy way of saying they are all mad … a perfect bridge to a quote from the movie:

The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad?
[Alice checks Hatter’s temperature]
Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

And my favorite quote:

The Mad Hatter: I’m investigating things that begin with the letter M.

iPhone = Birkin Bag?

My mobile phone contract is running out in July. On the insanely slow loading website of my mobile phone provider Orange, I noticed that I’m already entitled to a new phone. Unfortunately you can’t check online what the prices would be if you extend your contract. So I checked the prices for a new contract. It’s mind blowing. Absolutely insane.

If I stick to my current price plan (Optima Start Surf), and intend to get an iPhone 3GS with a one year contract, I’d have to pay 540.- (16 Gb) or 660.- (32 Gb). For a 2 year contract its 230.- (16 Gb) and 350.- (32 Gb). Buying it without a contract at Digitec makes it 899.- (16 Gb) or 999.- (32 Gb).

The only phone I could consider to switch to would be a HTC Magic with Android which you can buy at Digitec without any contract for 399.- I haven’t truly compared the phones, but comparing these prices makes me speechless.

I love my iPhone, but in the end: it’s a smartphone. To get a MacBook you only need to add another 250.- !!!

But yeah. I know. There should be a new iPhone model in June/July. And then either the 3GS gets cheaper or the new one is so mind blowing that you spend another fortune on a life style object that – by the way – can make phone calls, write sms, and … well … surf the web. Who needs that anyway?

Synchronisation Wars

Up until now I never had my business calendar with me. Lately I wish I had.

There is no current office solution at my workplace to push my office calendar onto my iPhone. There should be a solution soon. The question is when soon actually is. I once tried a solution with Google Calendar and Google Calendar Sync. Honestly I didn’t want my business data to be spread around Google. So I asked my provider Webland. Since a week they offer Hosted Xchange Mobile Sync accounts. I spend one evening and 1/2 an hour at work to finally figure out that it’s not doing what I need.

So I tried the Google version again. No joke: it took me about 1/2 hour to set up the calendar, install the sync app, and add the calendar to the iPhone. It works like a charm.

So far I only set up one way synchronisation meaning my office calendar won’t be updated from changes in Google Calendar or from my iPhone, but I’m actually considering it.

Google rocks. As always.

Kindle for iPhone

In almost unbearable anticipation of the iPad, I installed Kindle for iPhone. The idea is to figure out if I can even manage to read a book on a mobile device. Of course the size of the screen doesn’t blast you away, but it’s actually pretty ok. The ultimative plus is that you don’t have to carry an extra book around: you always have it with you anyway.

Only missing feature: I wish I could either have a dictionary included or at least a copy-word function so I can paste it into my dictionary.

I wonder if Apple makes the iBook app also for the iPhone/iPod Touch. If not the Kindle app has a great advantage: it syncs all your books to all your subscribed devices. So if you don’t have your iPad with you, you can continue reading the book on the iPhone and vice versa.