Thankfully my absolute favorite chick-lifestyle-fashion magazine is now available on Zinio. No, I’m not going to mention which one.

Currently there is only the UK version, which I find even better than the US or German version. And it gets even better: a Swiss issue bought at the newspaper stand is about 7Sfr. The UK version is about 15Sfr. A one year subscription to the UK version on Zinio now cost me 30$ (currently about 34Sfr.).

And it gets instantely transfered to my iPad.

And I don’t have to recycle the magazines.

Maybe I should add a subscription to Geo International, and I never need to hit a newspaper stand again.

Working on becoming greener with a multimedia electronic device

Ps: The book reading experience on the iPad currently is a bit tampered since there are still no non-Gutemberg books available on the iBookstore, and the Kobo and Amazon eBook stores don’t offer the book series I’m currently reading. The weird part being that the book in paperback is available in Switzerland. There are also eBook versions of my book series in the named stores… I just can’t buy them in Switzerland. Obviously you need different contracts for eBooks than physical books. It drives me crazy to wait until they work that out…


For a couple of years I had a leather bag in my closet, and thought that I would use it again if I could dye it in another color. I went to a specialist, who told me it’s possible, but expensive. I thought the bag was worth it, but already my subconscious told me that was a total crappy idea.

Today I got the bag back. It looked great, and I was absolutely positively surprised. Looking closer I saw that it’s not really dyed, but more painted over, and the inside is still the old color with nasty usage dirt lining. I tried to clean the inside a bit… and voilĂ ! The brand new expensive color starts to peel away. Simply brilliant.

Mental note: follow your instincts!

No holidays, but still something to read…

After the holidays I reported two must reads. The Painted Man has a follow up, Desert Spear. Even a bitmore thrilling, but the end leaves you quite hanging dry. More questions unanswered, and actually the book ends with what I expected to be within the book. So we need to wait for the third and proclaimed final book.

And the other discovery is quite a public one: even I am about to finish the first book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, of the Millenium triology by Stieg Larsson. I’m not a crime reader, but that one is quite catchy. Just had a sneak peek at the movie. The Salander character seems perfect, but Bloomkvist? That’s not how I imagine him at all. I hate that. It will bug me the whole movie. Maybe even better to not watch it at all.