17 degrees

Tomorrow is the Uster Triathlon. An event I was somewhat looking forward too, but two rules apply:

1. I have to feel fit to compete
2. It should look like I’m not going to freeze my ass off

This year I’m sort of fit, but temperaturewise it’s 17 degrees. The water should be 20. Not too bad, but not too cosy either. My other half doesn’t want to go. Me neither. Why can’t it be like last weekend?

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With the days already getting shorter and remarkably colder my desire for a mind boggling fantasy epic story grows. After starting this year with The Name of the Wind and Desert Spear, I ┬áread the first of Stieg Larssons Millenium triology, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. A nice change of scenery, but nothing compared to a good fantasy story. Someone recommended me Brandon Sandersons Mistborn triology which I finished last week. Not a bad story, but to me it felt a bit too long, and the ending was quite esoteric. So its an ok read, but I guess I won’t remember the story for long.

So when there is no new book in the queue, I head to Amazon, search my favorite books and check out what other people bought also. A bit frustrating since anything Joe Abercrombie leads to Patrick Rothfuss, Peter V. Brett, Brent Weeks, and some other names I already know. Brent Weeks has a new one out, Black Prism, but currently there is no way to get an ebook version in Switzerland. Pisses me off, but well… Be patient padawan.

So my current read is from Michael J. Sullivan, The Crown Conspiracy. Its the first part of the Riyria Revelations which comes in six parts. According to the authors website all books are already written, but so far only four have been published. The fifth should follow next month. Can’t say much about the story yet, but at least its written in a funny, ironic style. By far no Joe Abercrombie, but I guess it’ll make me laugh. Speaking of Joe. Next year The Heroes should be out. I guess I won’t be that lucky again, and get a signed copy before the release date. Patrick Rothfuss next one should also be out next year… I hope the Riyria Revelations keep me busy until then.


Since ages nothing interesting happened on the perfume market. I stroll around my favorite perfume shop once a month to see if something core shaking came up, but since Dior Homme Intense simply nothing. So I just sticked to Gucci Homme, Dior Hypnotic Poison, Dior Homme Intense, Tom Ford Black Orchid and the absolute last drops of Gucci Envy For Homme (discontinued).

So a week ago I needed to make a buy-no buy jewelry decision and strolled endlessly around some shops to figure out what to do, and there was a display of a perfume called Wonderwood. What a promising name! It held its promises, and I added it yesterday to my collection.

There is also a movie on YouTube which was launched with the perfume.

Sportive Events

Again a long time complete silence. What have I been doing? Mhhm… This and that. The last two weeks have been holidays on Balkonia (meaning we stayed at home). The idea was to do a lot of sports. We actually did, and so I – again – decided to register for the Uster Triathlon and also for the Greifenseelauf.

The Uster Triathlon is mainly to accompany my boyfriend, and because it is said to be a very cool event. But I lack a bit in swimming and bicycle training. After all my favorite is running. Though a slight mix helps prevent me from me knee pain.

So this years sportive event for me will be the Greifenseelauf.