Trick or treat?

Treats of this month:

Aunts and Uncles Mr. Beefcake und Miss Dogbisquit, Softclox Cristina and Ugg Lynnea.

By the way…

Tricks of this month:

If you’ve got a new jeans and its colouring the sheepskin fleece of your shoes, use Vanish Oxi Action carpet cleaner. If the jeans is coloring your rough leather bag, use Dirt eraser pads. Try on a hidden spot first though. And use it carefully. Gently. Cleaned Mr. Beefcake. And afterwards use a serious amount of leather fat.

Who would have thought… Online cleaning advice 🙂

Anyway. Treat time is over. The stuff costs. And its so cliché. Bags and shoes. Ughhh…

World of Warcraft

Some coworkers heard me talking about World of Warcraft. They seemed a bit irritated that I play sometimes. Obviously the idea was that only complete losers play such games. I tried to explain what makes the game interesting up to addictive, but I guess I failed bitterly. Even I had to admit that my explanation sounded ridiculous. Especially to people not accustomed to the magical world of fantasy.

And the concept of meeting friends online and spending some time together in a virtual dungeon killing virtual mobs brought me several eyebrow raisers. Why the heck would I want to meet virtually and do some stuff absolutely unrelating to the real world when I could meet them in person and have a beer?

Errrhm… Seriously? The idea of meeting your friends in a quite different world having quite fantastic abilities and doing quite new stuff doesn’t sound at all appealing to you?

Here a couple of impressions of chill moments in the game.

Nashville goes Febreze

A couple of years ago a friend told me about his jeans which he wont wash for six months. I thought it was complete crap.

Today I sit here wearing a raw denim Edwin Nashville jeans (no longer in production). They are stiff as hell and a little to tight. The guy who sold them to me @ VMC told me not to wash them as long as possible. The mighty internet says best results are wearing them without washing for six months.

So I bought a bottle of febreze and I wonder how long I’ll last. Normally I wash my jeans every 4 to 5 days because I basically like them stiff. You know… “out of the laundry stiff”… and of course smelling of washing powder. But we’ll see. If I manage this obviously could be quite a water and energy safer. Ha!

Btw. even Brad Pitt wears Edwin. Or at least earns money doing commercials for them.