New epoch

Very well. A new epoch has begun. Took me 2 months to accept getting torn from what I thought was a happy place. But obviously sometimes you stick in a place for too long, because you believe in something that is not (or never was) there (anymore). I fear I’m definitely way too much of a fighter to see when I should move on. But thankfully there are others to show me.

I believe I had to learn quite a bit in my life so far, but it looks like I need to learn more to find my inner happiness. Whatever that means. Of course it’s not a stable place. It’s always in motion as we are ourselves.

At this point I’d like to post something Paulo Coelho posted on Facebook a few weeks back and it’s something I seriously need to consider:

“Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not.”

One thing is for certain. I’m in a better place than I ever was before, and I’m curious what happens next.