Guybrush Threepwood

Best game character.

I sometimes feel very much like him: doing the most stupid things, talking to weird people, struggling on challenging quests … and in the end you just search your big love.

And all this make you incredibly tired, makes you feel stupid, and worthless, because you’re just a selection of a couple of pixels (or atoms) in a huge universe.

But you tend to ask the right questions and the right moment, and people tell you their story. And it’s inspiring.

Trent Reznor

Of course. Lead singer of NIN, founder of industrial rock. Music that I keep coming back to over and over again. Two sensational concerts.

Used to be a very handsome guy. Somewhen discovered body building or whatever. But never mind. As I said. It’s not about being handsome anymore.

From Testosterone to Inspiring

Until this very moment I used to have a category “Testosterone Hunks”. I deleted it, because it wasn’t very representative for me in the first place, and well. I’m closer to 40 than ever before. What’s the point in collecting handsome men? It’s not about being handsome anymore. Which rises the question if it has ever been about just being handsome. I guess not, but that’s the topic of another post another day.

I got inspired by a Facebook colleague, who’s posting men that inspire or maybe just accompany him for years. I don’t want to stick to a gender. It’s about inspiration and admiration. For whatever reason.

The word inspiration comes from the latin word “inspiration” which means breathed upon