New Years Resolutions

New years resolutions suck. Right?

I didn’t do any these 3 days ago. Instead I thought of all the things that happened in 2011 and felt pretty miserable. The first half year was rather boring and the second half was pretty painful. I may be a drama queen but seriously. WTF?

Anyway. Today. First day at work. I somehow read this post. The intro sounded somewhat familiar and the five suggested ideas hit me. For me I have to put them in a bit different words:

  1. Acceptance. Simply try to be happy with where you are right now.
  2. Make a list of things you wish to achieve in 2012.
  3. To achieve these goals make small steps.
  4. Practice yoga passionately. As much as you can.
  5. Free writing. Every day. One diary page per day.
  6. Make one picture every day (see my new category A year in pictures).

So this is going to be my project for 2012.