My first week in Montevideo

First of all: don’t fly with Iberia. My first flight left an hour late. The second left two hours too late, but nobody bothered to explain why. Noboby even thought about maybe bringing something to drink. Then there is only one monitor for all. Meaning either you like whats running on the screen or you’ve got a really long flight. Finally… the food. Oh boy. It’s simply disgusting.

As for Montevideo. I haven’t seen that much yet, but so far I find it hard to compare it to any other place I’ve been to before. The city still seems to be in a pretty bad condition compared to European standards (I say still because according to my host it was way worse 7 years ago). The houses, the streets and sidewalks. Everything seems to be very badly maintained. Then there is the colonial style, which is fantastic. But usually there a pretty ugly communist buildings right beside it.

The dogs seem to be peturbed. They shit right in the middle of the sidewalk. Every dog in town seems to be unable to shit beside a tree. So don’t walk around without an eye on where you put your feet. The sidewalk is pretty messed up anyway. When it rains, you have to look out for huge puddles.

Weatherwise it’s summer. But one day it can be pretty hot, and the next day it drops 10 degrees and rains like in the rain forest. And when it rained… don’t try to dry your clothes. They won’t dry.

Barbecue is sensational. They grill the meat for two hours on charcoal, which seems to give the meat a great woody flavour. Except salt no other herbs are used to season the meat. The grilled meat is cut into mouth size pieces and everyone gets a fork and pics the pieces from a central plate. Less dishes to clean and more socializing.  And a huge piece of good meat for 4 people is about 10 CHF.