Having been a facebook user since January 27, 2008, and probably an addict for almost all of the time, I decided to have another closer look at twitter. Don’t know yet where it fits into my desire to talk with the universe. So first of all I just interconnected it all (meaning blog, fb, and twitter). In a way this is giving me a headache already. Where will the comments end up? 🙂

Whatever happens three things are certain:

  1. Through Facebook I met quite a few people, I wouldn’t have met otherwise. And I reconnected with others that have been lost to me. I’m grateful for that.
  2. If this stuff makes me write more, it’s the best thing that can happen to me. Writing keeps me balanced.
  3. Unicorns are in fact f****** stupid.

Intro into my yoga history

From the first couple of times that I heard about Yoga I was curious about it. I think that was during my studies, because I began my first couple of lessons at the university. I went quite irregularly because it was at the outskirts of town and not at the most convenient time. And I felt like it doesn’t do enough anger management for me. But I liked the teacher.

I went to India on holidays to do an ayurvedic treatment and also hoped for yoga lessons. My ayurvedic doctor decided that I wasn’t ready yet. I think he might have been right.

After the university I was mostly into jogging or even still a bit of swimming. I kept searching for yoga lessons and went to several places, but mostly I found it way to “easy”, boring, slow, …

3 years after the university I went through a breakup and found yoga lessons close to my home and went regularly during the hardest recovery time. After I recovered I quit.

5 years later, almost a year before my next big break up, I started again. First bikram yoga because I felt like searching for some sort of workout yoga. After 4 months I had enough off being yelled at and no real alignment advice. I went to the biggest yoga studio in town. Hatha and vinyasa yoga. It took another half year until I met my current teacher. So when this break up came I was at least on the save side with my teacher.

And here I am still. 2 years with my teacher.