Fasting on Sardines

I’m a tv series addict, and not afraid to admit it. And one of the greatest pleasures is to discover a show that has been running for a while. Make it 3, 4 or even 7 seasons. You get started with the thing, and then you can watch it non stop. On a rainy day… and – what the hell – … on a sunny day too …

The Borgias was such a discovery for me a couple of weeks back. Three seasons to go. I was quite sceptical. The historical tv shows can be either very shallow, cheaply made, or overwhelming with 500 characters. The Borgias is a middle thing of all the good spices: good plot, but not to many involved parties; very nice set; multi facetted characters which are both lovable, but also in many ways flawed; historical, but not too detail driven; some eye candy in the so much mentioned leather pants; and some very good chemistry among the main cast.

So I dived into it, just to find out that they cancelled the fourth promised season. Because there wasn’t enough material around for another season. And the plans for a 2 hour movie got cancelled too because it would be to expensive. Well, sounds like a lot of crap to me. You could also do only 6 episodes, or introduce other characters of that time (like Leonardo), or just invent some things like they already invented stuff anyway. Nobody said it has to be the history channel. But the main reason is obviously that it wasn’t a success compared to other shows of Showtime like Arrow, Californication, or even the predecessor The Tudors.

The final episode came. It was announced as the grand finale, but does leave almost every thread hanging there. Nothing is resolved. And the history books tell us that there actually was a grand finale.

Some people created Facebook groups. Twitter blasts are planed. There is even a petition site. All in all I guess this creates some noise, but from a financial point of view it needs to be enough noise to finance another season, and fix the deficit Showtime probably made with the first three seasons. How I wish to have a look in their records…


But anyway. A very small voice is creeping up and wondering if this all is just some well planned campaign to boost the shows popularity, but I don’t know enough about it. Would be a creepy, but magnificent idea. Most likely no fasting on sardines or anything else will bring The Borgias back. As intriguing as they may have been. But for sure there will be some other story to obsess about. Maybe even in real life?

One note to finish: I have never understood, and probably never will, why so many people like to post I-love-you-s and hearts to posts of some artist (may it be an actor, musician, artist, famous person). Just imagine how you would feel if somebody posted an I-love-you to a picture of you, and you’ve never seen the person in your life. It would freak you out, no?


PS: While you’re at it… Could you sign the petition, and like the Facebook page? 🙂