Eco villageneering

In a couple of days I’ll be heading to my next two week yoga immersion. To Sri Lanka. To an eco village. Which apparently also means no electricity (ergo no internet), no hot water, and also very limited cell reception (you have to climb some hill to get some).

The Swiss mostly possess at least one pair of hiking boots. And they love any kind of survival gear. That’s why survival gear shops pop up in town like mushrooms. And to use that gear while running around in the mountains.

Also many, many people keep telling me how nice it is to be disconnected. Meaning not having access to their emails (work AND private), no access to news websites, no facebook, no twitter, no instagram, and the like. And no phone that could be ringing.

Weirdly enough everybody (outside the yoga circle) I told about my trip to the eco village replied with an « uff, I wouldn’t be able to do that ». Which I find beyond funny. I’m the one not hiking all the time, and not mountaineering. I’m the one who never needs a break from the internet, and loves her gadgets dearly. And still it’s me going back to the roots.