Travel Notes

Even though it’s only a 4 day trip, I noticed once again how much I love to travel.
It’s as exhausting as it’s entoxicating!

  • struggling around a new place with a map in front of your face
  • question marks above your head when checking out the local public transport ticket machines
  • the hassle to search for a good restaurant (cheap, nice atmosphere AND great dishes)
  • the things that stick to your feet when you wander around the youth hostel without shoes and socks
  • your wayoutofthisworld youth hostel room sharer and their ideas of being polite (e.g. making a call when everybody is sleeping, asking you to share his/her bed with you pretending he/she is cold, …)
  • all the different kinds of restrooms you get to see (in 99% of all cases just ran out of paper)
  • the experiences you get to make at a local club (e.g. people grabbing your butt even before they see your face)
  • the insane amount of money you’re spending on whatever passes your way, because you believe, you might never get the chance to buy anything like it again
  • food encounters of the third kind
  • the running gags that evolve out of strange situations
  • remembering again why you love home so much

    1. Wow, some experiences…

      So pray tell, who was “cold”, a he or a she ? 🙂

      It probably wasn’t even made up. Loneliness can be a coldness with a very sharp bite. The strange thing is, the longer you are affected by it, the less you feel it yourself.

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