New years resolutions part II

So last year I did some new years resolutions which turned out to be quite a good thing.

I had six bullets on my list:

  1. Acceptance. Simply try to be happy with where you are right now.
  2. Make a list of things you wish to achieve in 2012.
  3. To achieve these goals make small steps.
  4. Practice yoga passionately. As much as you can.
  5. Free writing. Every day. One diary page per day.
  6. Make one picture every day (see my new category A year in pictures).

I can put a big check behind number 4 and 6. There is obvious proof of that. Number 5 I did as well. Not so much in the sense of free writing. I wrote a diary. Mostly in the sense of putting down what happened. Not so much the deep deep thoughts and conclusions. They take so much time to write down. And they change all the time …

Number 1. Well. I absolutely got better in this area, but that’s definitely something to deal with until I die. Number 2 to 3… well. That goes for every year I guess. So I don’t explicitly want to take them into the next year.

So this is my list for 2013:

  1. Acceptance. Simply try to be happy with where you are right now.
  2. Practice yoga. As much as possible, but freely. Stay motivated without yet knowing where it goes this year.
  3. Keep on with the diary.
  4. Instead of the pictures every day, try writing more. Write at least one post every week. I don’t mean a Facebook post. A weblog post, but can be only a sentence.
  5. Stop trying to talk every conflict through. See where it’s worth it. Otherwise write a letter to the person. Use as much swear words as you want. Then burn the letter.
  6. Don’t get comfortable. Stay on you toes. Keep moving.


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