Is sticky really sticky?

By all means, I don’t intend to write a yoga mat review, but still I’d like to blast a couple of remarks into the mighty internet.

There are tons of yoga mats out there. As a beginner I thought every mat is probably about the same. I mean it’s a mat. You need a bit of cushioning. Then you need it to be sticky enough so your down dog is somewhat bearable. We’re not talking rocket science. In truth it seems to be quite rocket scientish. And personal.

From my point of view there are two major brands around: Jade Yoga and Manduka. I tried Manduka first. Mainly because I liked their website. I tried an eKO Lite and a PROLite. Both suck. They are just not  sticky. The PROLite is better, but with a little bit more sweat involved, it actually turns into a slippery slope.

Then I tried Jade Yoga. In yoga studios in Zurich definitely the favored one. I have two travel mats. Weirdly enough the red one slips on the ground while the purple doesn’t. But basically I really like it. Nice cushioning, non slippery, but even the travel mat (3 mm) is quite some material when you travel or even commute.


I wanted to get a real travel mat for ages, and found – thanks to Thomas – the Lululemon Un Mat. The thing is really thin (1.5 mm). It looks like anything else than sticky (especially the black one). It smells quite ugly in the beginning. Like new car mixed with the smell coming from melted rubber. But it is sticky as hell (and the smell wears off). There is no cushioning though. Hence they call it the Un Mat I guess.



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