Facebook Holidays

Since I registered to Facebook I have been a somewhat active user. Within the last 2 years probably a very active user. Due to some changes in my circle of friends, my news feed became a bit more quiet. To read and to post about. Who wants to post in Facebook when nobody is replying? Then I’d rather post on my blog and this is mainly me trying to stay fluid in writing without much expectation that somebody actually reads it and replies. Alright. You might ask why post to the world when nobody replies. You could just write it down into your diary. I’d reply it’s just a different setting. I write differently in my diary (qualitatively actually quite a boring, if not even repetitive style) while when writing to post in on my blog, I try to be creative while not pouring every last drop of my soul out for everyone to read.

But lets get back to Facebook. I think it’s a wonderful tool to stay connected to your friends, and interesting people, but the quality of your news feed largely depends on how active, maybe intellectual, and extrovert you and your friends are. If there are not a couple of people you want to read about, it’s endless banter. And if you’re interested to figure out the tiny subtle details about somebody, it can give you endless possibilities for stalking.

I never thought I would quit Facebook. I mean. You can just not log in anymore, but it felt like a good thing to do. Just for a while. And it leaves much more space to figure out this whole Twitter thing. I still have no idea what this is all about. And spend some time blogging.

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