Now and again I keep wondering about this “is it all a complete coincidence or does it actually mean something”-question.

My current opinion is that it’s not complete coincidence, because we make a lot of choices that lead to funky situations where you utterly believe you’ve been Punk’d. The Punk’d moment might be coincidence, but the reasons for being there are our choice. And finally we put the meaning into the Punk’d moment.

I find these moments where you might look at the sky and ask yourself if the universe is f***ing with you – as stressing and as irritating as they are – also the utter core of what life is about: it’s about figuring out your own puzzle. The Punk’d moment shakes you to the core, because you choose it to shake you. So try to understand why on the deepest possible level.

While figuring this out I find that you solve a couple of very tricky puzzle parts, and it kicks you right into a new level of your journey. Like some super duper extra core bubble thing that you catch in a Super Mario game. It may even be a puzzle that you had to solve to get anywhere at all.
Super Mario So in my opinion you should embrace – even search – for the Punk’d moments. They are precious.

Anybody got Asthon Kutchers phone number? Just sayin’….

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