One Wish

I remember this day one year ago quite nicely. I was on Ko Samui, Thailand, doing a 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Obi Van (no that’s not his real name) and Manuela. It was warm, and sunny, and the hole day was packed with Yoga. I got lots of hugs, a new asana (Viparita Dandasana), prostrations, a swim in the sea, good food, and even a birthday cake.

Which reminds me that my Sai Sin Sacred bracelet is now over a year old. I got it back then from a rather grumpy looking buddhist monk. The thing is a pure fashion item. In neon yellow and neon pink in undestroyable nylon. I would love it if the thing would naturally rot off… But I guess this will take another year. At least.
Anyway. Yesterday I placed a wish onto the thing. Nothing to fancy. Nothing to big. Let’s see.


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