Cotton Candy Troll

I have always been somewhat expressive in my choice of hair do. Two years ago I had this Iroquese phase (which is still one of my favorite hair cuts ever) and during that phase I went to Montevideo, Uruguay, for 2 months. So far there goes nothing beyond the kind of looks I got there from the people. Utter incomprehension with pure disgust. A weekend trip to Buenos Aires felt like a two week vacation.
These days I switched to the league of the Cotton Candy trolls. The Zurichians are not the most expressive dressers, but they are used to a variety of different styles. Still I get these “what kind of weird are you”-looks which I reply with a “50 shades of cotton candy weird”-smile. They mostly look hastily to the very interesting floor.
Today a guy thought he recognized me from some Utopia party in Kloten. I just googled the event. It’s a fetish party. Dress code for the next event is Latex – Lack – Leder – Gummi – Fantasy – Kinky – Schoolgirls – Bitches – Gothic – Bizarre Elegance, etc… 
Oh boy.


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