Because I don’t want to have sweets at home, I keep a stracciatella cream you can stir with milk and it’s ready. Usually I just need a couple of spoons and I’m done with it. So the desire for something sweet leaves, but the mental crisis stays.

My current problem seems to be that I’m angry at everything. I’m angry because the Cablecom sent me another cable modem, and most likely will bill me twice even if I call their support line several time, I don’t pick up the cable modem, and write them a long letter, why I don’t want the modem. I’m angry because my customers are difficult and don’t seem to acknowledge the work we do for them. I’m angry because one of my best friends is almost unreachable. I’m angry because I can’t return something that belongs to my father. I’m angry because I tend to be to tired and exhausted to go to they gym in the evening. I’m angry because I – again – don’t have much money for the coming month. And finally I’m angry because I feel like nobody needs me.

Oh! I forgot another important thing: I’m angry because I don’t like my current hair cut.

I wonder how I’ll get out of this. Getting thirty in a month probably won’t help much either. I guess I just need something to look forward to, and definitely the feeling that I’m – in some way – needed.

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