I’m back in Zurich for four months, of which I’m living alone for 2 1/2.

Currently I’m getting flashbacks from a year ago while I still was in Winterhtur. I never miss Winterthur (except maybe my favourite handbag shop), so I’m hoping my getting-over-the-breakup-process is progressing. Luckily I stopped thinking about what he’s doing with his life right now, and concentrate on myself again.

I’m kicking back into the being alone thing, and mostly notice how much more energy I have than during the relationship. I hope I can manage a few things a lot better in my next relationship. For starters I won’t move in with the guy until things have settled a bit. Moving together when you have complete opposite ideas what a home should be like is definitely not a good idea. A friend of mine just moved together with her boyfriend, and I felt a bit relieved to hear that she’s struggling with the exact same things as I did. But it looks like they handle it better now. Whatever.

I guess if I manage to get over the x-mas holidays without getting another depression, I should be fine. Let’s see.

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