Nine Inch Nails

With a little luck I made it in to the sold out concert on April 2 in the Volkshaus. Actually my first time in the second row of such a … let’s say social and moving concert. I was completely soaking wet after the concert and unfortunately lost my inherited Tissot watch which isn’t produced any more.

I wasn’t sure what to think of the concert right afterwards, but the next morning I thought it was actually quite well done. I like the Volkshaus, because it’s small and for once they are able to mix the sound so you can listen without ear plugs and still hear the singers voice. The smoke was a bit disturbing, but it suited the lightning and “decoration”. Trent didn’t sing my current favorite song, in fact quite a few I didn’t know, but I guess some where form that Broken EP and some from their new upcoming record Year Zero due on April 14. Looking forward to it…


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