Unleash hell

Compared to the days before, the place bursts with people. Of course the plenary session room is still not filled, since they prepared probably for 3000 people instead of the current 2000. Unfortunately they also thought so many people need so much more air conditioning. I’m freezing my butt off.

The informations provided so far in the plenary were mostly intros to the products. I actually don’t get, why they did that, because the crowd is mostly developers who know what products they have. But they also did two demos showing the templates they included in their Visual Studio enhancements. Looks promising. I’ll have to try it.

Their main message in that part seemed to be to decide wisely with what tool or on what level to write the customization our customers need. Secondly to write – whenever possible – reusable code. With the templates meantioned you can say easily that a piece of code need to be registered and is therefore in one click available in ArcMap and ArcEngine.

They also encourage people again and again to ask questions to the ESRI staff. Especially try to disperse more than two ESRI people on one spot :).

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