The Beginning of the Road

I need to write this down, to clear my head. I’ve been accused again of thinking too much, which is definitely one of my weaknesses, but obviously part of my operating system. I’ve got tricks to slow that process down. One of them being to put some of it into words.

Obviously I never manage to go the easy path. I tend to complain about that, but whenever there is a rocky road ahead, I take it. Though I have to admit it usually isn’t obvious to me from the beginning, but I guess my subconscious is having a hell of a party when leading me into that direction.

As for my current path: it feels more enticing that anything I’ve come by in the last couple of years and that feeling is already there just from sort of looking at the direction sign. Which makes it hard to believe that there is more behind it except some taste of adventure. I wouldn’t be me, if I wouldn’t hang in there to figure out more about that path. But as I said before: I wouldn’t be me either if I wasn’t trying to avoid hiting into a wall, getting lost or run out of water … or just in general trying to have some sort of control over the situation (which never works, but hey! I can at least try! :).

Having written all that I sit here laughing… Could life possibly be any better? I’m standing at the beginning of a road, having no clue if that road leads me to the places my Lonely Planet suggests (or if I like it there …), and to my right a fellow backpacker who is as clueless as I am.

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