The Beginning

If its the beginning of the/an end or of a beautiful friendship remains to be seen, but except for a medium cut back last week I’m having a huge energy push.

For one I’m currently reading two books at a time. Both giving interesting new impulses, and there is also another Paulo Coelho book waiting for me.

I’m also discovering both rock climbing and it’s community. First of all something new to learn, then a sport where you discover a new trust in your own strength (body and mind), and finally in the person climbing with you. Which brings me to the community. Finding climbing partners is even for a beginner pretty simple. So far I can’t really say what it is, but there is something special about those climbers …

So these days my legs look like I’m five years old again with bumps and bruises, my fingers feel like sausages, and my mind is bursting with new ideas of directions …

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