Well, well. Went to see Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino’s latest piece of … aehm … art, yesterday with 7 guys. Also judging from the audience not really a movie girls dig into. Actually I didn’t want to go first as well. Then again I’d figured even if the plot is shallow it can’t possibly be any worse than a couple of movies I’ve seen in the last weeks.

And I was right: the story IS shallow, but the characters, the scenes, and the conversations are – maybe a tendency to long, mostly completely senseless, but overall – hilarious. Like the discussions about Le Big Mac’e or giving foot massages in Pulp Fiction …

I read an interview of Markus Kavka with Tarantino (Das Aspririn-Gespr├Ąch) before I saw the movie. Tarantino always seems to me like a huge piece of work with a tendency to being a pervert. But his female characters are always sort of unique: in some way trashy, and definitely bitchy, tough, but still chicks, never polished beauties, but theres always something that meets the eye. While the guys are … huge balls … guys, but in the end … well … Guess who’s winning …


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