Doing yoga you come along the Sanskrit word Prana when doing breathing exercices. According to Wikipedia Prana is a Sanskrit word that refers to a vital life-sustaining force of living beings and vital energy in natural processes of the universe. It’s also the name of a clothing brand for yoga and rock climbing clothes. When I first noticed that I thought what does yoga and rock climbing actually have in common? After my week of climbing I understand.

As far as I know the idea of Yoga is to work with your whole body, bring it into balance, be completely focused on yourself. On a more subconscious level thats what happens when you climb. Actually it’s even better: I can spend a complete day not thinking about anything else, but the next step in the wall, to secure the other person on the rope and the nature around me. For a person who’s constantly pondering something it feels like heaven.

But a week of climbing is still quite exaggerating. After two days my fingers started to feel sort of numb. A day later my feet started as well, but you also get quite used to it …

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