Praise to a Shoe

Did you know that Asics stands for Anima sana in corpore sano… Ha! Once in a while my 6 1/2 years education in Latin sort of helps, but I guess that saying is even for non latin experienced known. Never mind.

Found a page who sells and ships Asics shoes in Switzerland. Even if a shoe is not on the page, you can still ask, if he can get them for you.

My absolute favorite would be the Gel-Nimbus VIII, but they no longer make them. The actual model is the Gel-Nimbus 9.


In the States you can choose between three different color versions, while in Germany there is only one … but again a new one. Looks like even when it comes to sport shoes design is country specific???

Btw. the color version on the picture is called: Brown/Root Beer/Latte Shimmer …

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