Patience Padawan, Patience…

Patience has never been (and probably will never be) one of my virtues. Not when it comes to business, not when it comes to my private life and there most certainly not when it comes to men … but that’s another story.

When I want something, when I see a solution to a problem, when I see a way to instantly improve a situation, I sometimes could move mountains, could talk until I turn blue in the face, or just drug everyone I need permission from or is involved in …

BUT so far life showed me that the saying Time is on your side can be very true in the sense of if things don’t go the way you want the too or you try them very hard to be, just give it a little time and either you see a better way, doesn’t interest you anymore or all of a sudden you get what you want.

So. Here I am. Being patient.

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