What’s this song, if you can’t f**** to it?

A week ago I received an email signed by TR, which supposedly stands for Trent Reznor as the email came from www.nin-thespiral.com. (Obviously I once subscribed to a newsletter… Never mind.)

Trent wrote about his latest work with Saul Williams on his new record The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust. The record was released November 1, and is only available for download. Either for free or – in a better format – for five bucks.

Since it’s Trent I spent the five bucks and have been listening to the record for two days now. It reminds me very much of NIN’s latest record Year Zero (which is a very good thing), but I guess Saul Williams brings in the spirit of a black man. Meaning there are a couple of influences of soul, funk, maybe even a bit of jazzy vibes. It’s definitely not an easy listening, background sound, but creative, melodic, male, explicit, and powerful.

I’d give it seven out of ten stars!

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