What’s up Paco?

I get why a haircut for a women is usually more expensive than for a men, but why are perfumes for men always cheaper than the ones for women?

The good thing though is that they slowly, slowly get more experimental on the male perfume side as well (I guess since being metrosexual and androgyn is considered hip). It’s worth to check out new male perfumes. Especially if you like musty, sandalwoody, ambery, and incensy smells.

My current favorite being Black XS by Paco Rabanne. The female version smells like a jump into a Mon Cherie (ghee, they even have a website for that stuff!!!) chocolate box. The male version consists of lemon, sage, tagetes (top), cinnamon, praline (middle), ebony wood, black amber (base). I guess they guy below would never wear it, but no problem: I wear the perfume and take the guy with me …


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