As much as I like to trash useful things, I can keep stuff with a sentimental value to me. Like clothes. I still have the first leather motorbike boots my mom had (which are at least half as old as I am) or a t-shirt I bought in Seattle when I was 12 or some adidas shorts my sister had when she was a baby.

The same happens with clothes I used to wear: like a pair of combat boots which were my favorite during high school, my favorite pants during a couple of chubbier years at the University, and so on…

Once in a while I get the idea to wear those clothes again (because they used to be favorites), and feel totally uncomfortable for the whole day. The clothes don’t fit no more, or don’t go with my current “style”, or just make me feel like back in these days, which can be a happy feeling, but just isn’t connected to the present. All in all almost always a stupid idea.

But still I keep them.

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