Status Report

Feeling a huge spirit raise these days. Mostly due to the sun, the warm weather, and – of course – the wearing of sun glasses whenever I’m outside.

At work I joined a Bike2Work competition which is running during June, but I started going to work with my bike already. Takes me half an hour. Thanks to a couple of coworkers I’m about to perfect my route throughout the city.

Today I even finished a prototype: an ArcMap Extension calling a ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Service. Documentation is crappy. The way you have to implement the stuff is even worse. When it comes to ArcObjects intuition definitely blinds you. It never works they way you’d expect it to.

Tomorrow is the Grand Prix of Berne. Weather prognosis is sensational. My condition is not, but the primary goal is to finish the run without tearing limbs or lungs apart. Next Saturday is the Sola. I’ll have to start around 8 pm. That’s going to kill me. At least the start is just up the hill from my home.

I might be going rock climbing Sunday or Monday.

On Tuesday my work roommate will be back from vacation. It has been unbearingly quiet the last week.

I’m finally doing fine again. If I could ask for one more thing it would be patience.
Patience for letting things evolve as they should.

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