Status Report

Well, well, well.
Just had a close encounter with wet concrete. Because my bike fell for some wet cable car tracks. Ripped my favorite pants, and my legs and arms got a couple more bumps and bruises. Not that I don’t already have some from the weekly climbing session. By now I look like I really get beat up at home. Probably by the six spiders I share my apartment with.

Never mind. Probably it suits my youngish attire. People continue to guess me between 24 and 27 (one exception who actually guessed me 31, but I believe he had a little help from Facebook). It’s definitely not because my eye cream is such a blast… Either I should recollect the seriousness I had during my teenage years, or – at least as a start – shop in the H&M ladies instead of the girlie section… But who the f*** cares anyway?

What’s up otherwise?

EM’s finished. Always feels a bit strange a couple of days afterwards, but in my opinion the right team won. I openly admit this, even though I wasn’t for the Spanish from the beginning (for some people the biggest disgrace is to switch teams during the championship …).

Jobwise it’s busy as hell. I’m supposed to do five things at a time, and of course everything is important. I like being busy, but if you never get the feeling you lessen your todo list it’s simply frustrating. Besides: 30 degrees outside, wearing hot pants, a tank top, and sun screen make the desire to stop working at 4 pm almost unbearable.

As for my private life: with a little luck I might reconnect with a dear friend after a month of complete silence. Looking forward to whatever comes up there. Furthermore I wonder if my stomach feeling about people betrays me or not. I’m starting to think that I might force myself to aloofness. We’ll see… As the jedi say: patience padawan, patience! Let the path unfold itself.

One thing’s for sure: my mood is – per se – at it’s best at the current climate. I wonder if I need to move somewhere warmer…

And the picture of last week:

luigi-fernando.jpgGian Luigi Buffon, goal keeper of the Italian national team; Fernando Torres, striker of the Spanish national team.

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