A new age in blogging has begun: I finally switched from Movable Type to WordPress.

Reason? The major one being that I wanted to have a gallery and adding a gallery to Movable Type is – like almost any plugin – a pain in the a**.

But why WordPress? By accident I noticed that my hoster, Webland, supports WordPress and even supplies a one click installation. So why make it complicated when it’s that easy?

So far I’m amazed how easy designing and managing your weblog can be. Automatic software updates, broken link checker, themes… Installation is actually just moving the downloaded folders into one single designated folder in your wordpress installation and it’s done. As for importing the Movable Type data… That was easy as well. I lost my tags though. Nothing to cry about, and of course the picture links had to be fixed by hand. Only problem I haven’t solved yet are inter weblog links. I’ll get to that.

WordPress even has an iPhone app for moblogging. Nothing to fancy (yet?), but does the job.

Finally WordPress’ slogan is Code is poetry. Ha! As a software … artist … I need to support that 🙂

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