Wanted Ange



Orange gave me some tickets for the … uhm … Cinema at the Lake.

Wanted with Angelina. Wasn’t expecting much. Another how to kill 2000 people in five minutes movie. Actually that’s exactly what it is, but in a still surprising way, and with a couple of bondish (meaning totally impossible) stunts.

As for Ange. I wonder why she keeps doing the same Tomb Raider style movies, but if I’m honest … if I could choose between playing Fox in Wanted and Emma in Jane Austen’s Emma, I would do Fox 3000 times over.

PS: If you want to watch the movie, don’t see the trailer. It’s the whole movie in 3 mins. Why do they keep making those trailers where you a) already get the whole story, and b) see some of the best stunts already?

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