Every day doesn’t have to be the same

Currently I’m discovering a nice way of changing my every day blast. No, not by quiting my job, not by moving, and not by starting a relationship for all the wrong reasons.

It’s actually quite simple:

  1. learn two new hobbies at once
  2. get an iPhone (haha!!!)
  3. try to do something against my inner urgings
  4. met people I haven’t seen in ages and/or surround myself with new people

Starting a new hobby usually not only forces me to learn a new physical ability, widens my knowledge, and therefore broadens my horizon, but most likely I’ll also get to know some new people. As an outsider I see the communality of that group, and I always find it quite amusing to understand what I have in common with that group of people.

Which brings me to the people point: I believe that a major part of how we behave and react depends on the people surrounding us. I’m not saying that we are completely different with strangers … like on holidays, but let’s just look at the language, behavior, roles. All depends if you’re with your mom, your boss, your friends, or the ex boyfriend. Meeting people from my past makes me realize how my behavior pattern has changed. Meeting completely new people starts new patterns.

And the inner urgings part. Oh well. That’s another loooooong, loooooong story for another post. Still working on it.

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